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Register / Update

Register your Lotus FF or update your registration information.

Not sure where to find you car's numbers.  Click on the page links, immediately below (in blue), and you will be shown you where to look.

Lotus Chassis #      Frame #     Engine #      Gear Box #


There are a number of options for registering your Lotus Formula Ford or updating your registration information. 

1)    You can request an e-mail registration form  from the LFFR.

2)    You can print out the form below and snail mail it to the LFFR.

3)    Or you can highlight and copy the form below, paste it into an e-mail, complete the form and send it to the LFFR. 

You WILL receive confirmation of you registration or registration updates.

Car Information:


Type:                                      Chassis # (Lotus Plate #)   

Frame#                                   Engine #  

Gearbox Type                         Gearbox #

Previous Owner Information (if known):




Present Condition (being raced, under restoration,...etc.):


Plans for Car (Vintage Racing, Club Racing, concourse, investment...etc.)


Known History of Car:


Owners Information:


First Name :                   Last Name: 

Address #1: 

Address #2 : 

City:                                             State/Province: 

Zip / Postal Code:                        Country       

E-mail Address 

Home Phone     





Comments / Additional Information:



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