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date  02/14/2013

Welcome to the Lotus Formula Ford Register!

After some technical difficulties the LFFR website is back up and running.  If you find missing photos or pages, please e-mail the Registrar.


Register- Registration form and pages that show you where to look for Chassis, Frame, Engine and Gearbox Numbers.

The Register Lists-  Listings of the Lotus 31's, 51's, 61's and 69's, by Chassis Number.

The Bulletin of the LFFR-  Current and back issues of the LFFR Bulletin.

Race Reports-  Race reports sent in by LFFR members.

Mailbag-  E-mails sent to the LFFR.

Photo Album-  Photos sent in by LFFR members.

Part Finder-  Parts suppliers for the Lotus Formula Fords.

Site Links-  www sites with Lotus, Formula Ford and Vintage Racing content.

Site News-  What's new and happening on the LFFR site.

Drawing Archive-  Drawings of Lotus FF parts.  AutoCAD and PDF formats.

Legal & Proud-  Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing's program for FF engine inspection and compliance.



The Lotus Formula Ford Register is affiliated with the Historic Lotus Register, in the UK.  The LFFR will be registering Lotus Formula Fords and providing technical information for both organizations.  The Historic Lotus Register provides a very slick and informative magazine to its membership.  I thoroughly recommend a membership in the HLR, if just for the magazine.  I have about six of the issues of their Historic Lotus magazine and am duly impressed with the content, photos and print quality.  The HLR promises Lotus Formula Ford content in upcoming issues.  Please click on the HLR logo to the right to visit the HLR website.  Membership information can be found at:


Yahoo Discussion Group


 A Yahoo Group has be formed to facilitate communications and information exchange among the LFFR membership at: The group is open to anyone with an interest in the Lotus Formula Fords. 


Call for Authors

One of the strengths of the LFFR has been the active participation of the members.  The LFFR NEEDS YOUR INPUT!  Please send us letters to the editor, articles, and race reports via email or snail mail but send them.  Articles on discoveries, restorations, and unearthed histories are welcome. If you have any ideas for the site or for the Bulletin, please feel free to write, call or e-mail.

I can be reached at the addresses below.

John Mihalich, Jr.
Registrar / Editor / Webmaster


The Lotus Formula Ford Register

c/o John Mihalich, Jr.
PO Box 1138
Craig,  CO   81626-1138   USA
(970) 824-8001 (Voice)
(970) 824-3737 (Fax) (Web Address) (Email)
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