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Hewland Gear Box Numbers

The gear box number is stamped on the Hewland gear box at two locations.  One is on  the top of the rear bearing carrier.

The "TRE" number indicates that Taylor Race Engineering has been into this gearbox.

The other is on the back of the rear cover.


Here is another location for G/Box ID Numbers, as on 61/FF/145, showing the "LC" number, the "MK6" and that a "9.31" ring & pinion is fitted.  The Hewland rear cover carries no identification marks, in this instance.

Renault Gear Box Numbers

At long last the mystery of the Renault gearbox number locations has been solved.  A special thank you to Robert Coy (51A/FF/112) for finding the numbers and providing the photos, below.

Looking at the rear of the gearbox, there is a metal tag on the top left corner.

Close up of the tag, flattened out.  The gearbox number is "03195".  I believe the gearbox origins to be Renault R8's and R10's. 

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