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of the Lotus Formula Ford Register.

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November_2004   Now available!  




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Back Issues


March_2004   Carl McLelland technical report, covering lots of tricks for those who maintain their cars themselves.  UK Report, from Dick Dixon, including UK race dates. Final Points Standings of Lotus FF's in a number of Race Clubs.  Russell School sales info on the Lotus 51's and more.
March_2004 (Hi Resolution version, approximately 2.4 Meg file)


Summer 2003

Feature article on 51/FF/13 (the first Lotus 51 in private hands), Tech Topics on steel wheels, a look at the "new" Lotus Single Seaters Magazine (devoted to the lesser Lotus formula cars, including FF), and updated register lists.

Summer 2003 (Hi Resolution version, approximately 4.9 Meg file)


December 2002

The kick off issue.  Upper ball joints, yoke failure and race report from Laguna Seca, October 2002. 

December 2002 (Hi Resolution version, approximately 2.9 Meg file)


Way Back Issues of the LFFR Bulletin are scanned from Vern Jaques' original paste-ups and converted to Adobe Acrobat format.  Some of these paste-ups are aging, less than gracefully, and the quality of the scanned image reflects this.  However, there is a lot of great information contained in these issues and it needed to be preserved and available to the LFFR community.  

After seeing the effort that Vern Jaques had to put into an issue of the LFFR Bulletin, using the paste-up method, I feel like I'm cheating using WordPerfect and Adobe Distiller to do the same.  All I can say is "Thanks Vern". 

One final caution, these are somewhat LARGE files, up to 6 MB.  It's a delicate balance between image quality and file size. They may take some time to load, dependent on the speed of your Internet connection.  Enjoy!

Back issues of the Bulletin have been scanned, at high resolution, and are now available on a CDROM.  Cost to US destinations is $5.00 via First Class mail.  Cost to the UK is $6.00 via First Class mails (usually 5 to 6 days).  Please e-mail for pricing on other shipping options and locations. 

Issue Contents
Summer 1995 Winter 95-96 Summer 1996 Monterey Historics race report.  Article on 51B/FF/188.  Meanderings;  Restoring 51A/FF/95, Hanging Up the Crash Hat, SCCA 95 Season Report  &Tustin Race Report.  Tech Topics; Original Chassis Setup Specs, Experimenting With Yokohama 008RS Tire, Lotuus 51 Brakes, "Automatic Shifting" Dog Rings & Monster Motors...Again,
Winter 1994-95 Dolson Report- UK Adventure.  Tech Topics; Steel Wheels, Renault Transmission Gears & Drive Yolks.  Meanderings; Getting Back On Track, OPhart & 13/13 and All That.
Summer 1994 Classic Team Lotus article from ReMarque.  Meanderings; "Formula Ford Book" & Of Complexity, New vs. Old Cars Heredity.  Mailbag
Winter 1993-94 One page issue.
Summer 1993

(Pages 1 to 7)       (Pages 8 to 14)

Large Mailbag.  Frame number discussion.  Meanderings on Vintage Club Ford, Vintage Racing vs. "Real" Racing  & The SCCA, Solo 1, and Vintage Racing.  Reprint of "Formula Fraud" article from Sports Car Monthly, December 1985, about a road going 51.
Summer 1992 Winter '92/'93

(Pages 1 to 8)        (Pages 9 to 16)

Short Form 1968 Regulations for Formula Ford in SCCA competition in the Northeast.  History of 51A/FF/127.  Meanderings; Vintage Formula Ford Hrsepower & Vintage Club Ford.  Reprint of another road going 51 from Autocar, 21 December 1967.
Winter 1991/92 "Lotus 31/51 Mystery Solved?" article.  Dolson Report.  "Russell School Cars" article. 
Summer '91 Article "Variants" on 51/61 differences.  Article "Gone Testing"
Winter 90-91 Reprint of 61 track test from Autocar, 15 January 1970.  Lotus Dealer Note, 19 January 1970, 61 nose modification for improved cooling in high ambient climes. 
Summer 1990 Vern's big ride.  Technical; 61 Cooling,  Steering Wheels, Closed Fuel System, VARA FF Rules, Shocks, Springs & Tires.  Dolson Report on Russell cars.
Winter 1989-90   (Pages 1 to 7)   

(Pages 8 to 11)    (Pages 12 to 22)

Reprint on the 31.  Technical; More Alignment, Mystery Parts, 69 Bodywork & Broken Noses.  Reprint of "original" 61 Lotus spec sheet.
Summer 1989 Articles; Lotus Build Records, Runaway Inflation, Formula Ford Festival Report,   Dolson Report.  Tech Talk; Vintage Tire Choices & Monster Motors.  51 front fount Oil tank drawing.
Summer 1988 Reprint of "original" 51 Lotus spec sheet.  Parts source listing

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