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Winter 96 to August 2002 Contains great discussion on the 61MX cars.

From: "Roger Davis" <>
To: "Peter Ross" <>
Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2008 10:21 AM
Subject: Lotus 61

Hello Peter.
In 1985 I brought my Lotus 61 to the UK from South Africa, but before returning in
1987, I sold the 61 to a dealer, but I cannot remember his name.
I would love to find out whether my 61 is being campaigned in Historics and if you
have any information on it.
Sorry I cannot give you a chassis number.
Kind regards,
Roger Davis
Plettenberg Bay. South Africa.


A unique configuration, with the side pod radiators and closed nose.  Anyone recognize this Lotus 61??? ED.

From : Lakegolf <>

Sent : Tuesday, December 6, 2005 9:51 AM

To : <>

Subject : Lotus Racing East/Fred Stevenson

Hello John. I'm Fred Stevenson who ran Lotus East and raced a bunch of Lotus cars years ago. I ran into Robert Coy (Lotus 51) at a memorial service for Phil Mahoney who was the parts manager at Lotus East for many years and he mentioned your Registry. Contrary to some web site reports I am still around and have started a site that is slowly taking shape. It has photos of some of the cars I raced and will eventually be a history of the Lotus New York/Dutchess Auto/Lotus Racing East saga. A couple of my ex cars are still about (an 18 in Texas, a 69 FB in Australia) and if any of your members want to contact me please pass along my e-mail address, I'm now in the golf business ( Perhaps you might also know how I can contact Bill Dolson. Thanks.


Fred Stevenson


From : ROBERT COY <>
Sent : Tuesday, October 25, 2005 10:06 AM
To :
Subject : Another 51 found ( AM113 )

John....I happened to come across a car for sale on ebay yesterday. Part of the
information on the car showed it listed in the LFFR register. I didn't know that
register existed so I did a search and found you guys. I was very excited to
find the information on locating the chassis / frame numbers as I was never able
to find any on my car. With your guide, I found the number AM113 stamped on the
back of the chassis. I have had the car for over 25 years. It has the original
Renault gearbox and I assume the original Titan engine. If I recall, I bought
the car in approximately 1978. I believe it may have been one of the school cars
from J. Russell in Canada but I can't confirm that. I was racing a Crossle FF
back in the 70's and found this car in a barn in Spofford, New Hampshire. It has
been in my basement since then and is a project I always intend to get to but
somehow never do. I removed the engine from the car back in the 70's to use as a
spare for my Crossle and haven't put it back in the Lotus. Someday....

I'm glad that I can add this car to the list of known cars and possible
someday I can track down the rest of the numbers that should have been on a
chassis plate. I will spend some time going over the car now to see if I can
locate additional numbers.

Bob Coy
Richmond, New Hampshire

...and there are people who claim that there can't be any undiscovered cars left. Bob, welcome to the LFFR.  ED.


From : "Stefan Weinbach" <>

To : <>

Subject : Registration Form Needed

Date : Sat, 27 Sep 2003 20:38:17 +0200


My Name is Stefan Weinbach, Zell Mosel Germany

I own a Lotus 61-Mx-F3 / 113 Frame Nr also 113 Gearbox Nr H6 -971 Engine Nr LH214 A Can You please tell me something about the pre owner it must have been an American Guy who was in Germany I think by the American Army possibly in Baumholder .The Car is know well restored and very succesfull in Historic Racing .Best Greetings from Mosel Valley to the Great America .  And also best Greetings to You !


Anyone recognize the car from the description? If you do, please drop Stefan an e-mail.  ED.

Yukio Asao (51A/FF/82) sent along these timing sheets from a recent Japanese event.  It appears to me, that he posted a 1st, in class, in both events.  Congratulations Yukio!!!    Ed.


After 6 months of dedicated work, I'm pleased to announce that this rare vintage race car, first piloted by Gerhard Irsa to the 1971 Austrian national FF championship, is complete and track-worthy once again.

Lotus 7169/13/FF ran for the first time in more than 30 years on Saturday, June 21st at Willow Springs Raceway, Rosamond, California at a VARA vintage weekend event. The primary purpose of the appearance was to test, evaluate and break in the engine. To that end it was a successful and satisfying weekend. Lotta tweaking yet to come, but nothing broke.

To all who supported this restoration my heartfelt thanks: Yvonne, Lloyd and Romy who put up with it all. James Denty of Peter Denty Racing, Norwich, England for supplying excellent parts, technical support and good cheer; fellow 69 owners Ray Wilkinson of N.Z. and Bill Dolson of NM for vital photo/technical documentation; Alan Bolle, track announcer at Willow Springs Raceway, for his kind words and encouragement; Alan Holly for getting me hooked again... But most of all to SCCA Club Ford champ Paul Curley for his know-how, patience, and tenacity. Paul, you're the man.

Enjoy the pix.

Bob Hackl


Another Lotus back on-track.  Bob, good luck and happy racing!!! Ed.

April 28, 2003

John Mihalich Jr.

Formula Ford Registry

PO Box 1138

Craig, CO 81626


When I purchased my ’51 FF in 1994 it had a brass placard attached to the front bulkhead in addition to the Lotus chassis plate. A drawing of the placard is shown below. The British Racing and Sports Car Club (BRSCC) seems to have issued these in the first year or two of Formula Ford. Awhile back I tried to contact some people to see if records were still in existence. I couldn’t find anyone at the BRSCC who had any information about the records for these chassis plates.

Records from the BRSCC FF Register would be interesting as it relates to our cars. I wonder if any of the other Lotus FF owners out there have similar data plates or know more information about the register.


Kyle Swanson

Lotus 51

2952 Morningside Drive

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362



Anyone else have a plate like this on their Lotus FF or information on this registry?  Drop Kyle and/or I an e-mail and let us know.  ED.


From: "Thilo Figaj" <

To: <

Subject: attn John Mihalich Jr. Lotus FF Registrar


Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 12:28:22 +0200


Dear John,

while scanning the internet I came across your bulletin. Very nice. I had

checked the lffr register page before but since there were no updates for a

while it became less important to me.


FYI: I am the owner of a Lotus 51A converted to C specification. The AM

chassis no. is 67 / 1. I have no original Lotus chassis plate. The car has

FIA documents now. It was rebuilt 1998 by Mark Ponting, England, with the

help of and, natuarlly parts coming from, Peter Denty.

Since Mark never raced it, I was lucky enough to convince him to sell it to

me late in 1999.


I have since raced the car in more than 40 races with the Germany based


single seaters (anything apart from TGP F1 cars) and in the CFFC, Classic

Formula Ford Competition, a European FF series. 2002 I finished second in

the HRA championship FF 1600 class. If you visit my private homepage under you will find a link to my FF 1600 page and my



Last winter I undertook a complete renovation of the car, stripping it to

the bare framework, which I let straighten again at Denty's.

Within my club, the HRA, we are these members racing Lotus 51 and 61 & 59:


Thilo Figaj, Lorsch, Germany, Lotus 51 FF

Kai Seppeler, Rietberg, Germany, Lotus 51 FF

Werner Poenitz, Duesseldorf, Germany, Lotus 61 FF

David Butcher (GB), Munich, Germany, Lotus 61 FF

Hugo Willmars, Aachen, Germany, Lotus 61 FF

Dierk Weinbach, Koblenz, Germany, Lotus 61 FF

Richard Spelberg, Duesseldorf, Germany, Lotus 59 F2, Lotus 59 F3, Lotus 61 FF

Last year this car raced with us in one event (driver was Ms. Niki Skelton):

Alistair Morrison, GB-London, Lotus 51A FF (a very original car w/ Renault

box, ex-Willi Beck, Trier, Germany. Alistair is an active TGP F1 racer)


I run the internet for the HRA as well. Please visit You

will find most of the information there in English as well. Of high

importance for us is that our club is authorized to invite the official

historic race series for the biggest European Automobile club, the German

ADAC. The trophy is named after the first German F1 winner, Graf Berghe von

Trips, who died at Monza in 1961 in the hunt for the world championship

against US driver Phil Hill (both in Ferraris 156).

This series is run at 4 events (out of 8 in the HRA club-championship).

Each event is 2 races of approx 50 kms. So, for the von Trips cup count 8



The first two races were at Hockenheim GP circuit last weekend. Our next

races are at Spa Francorchamps (Belgium), and then the Oldtimer Festival at

the Nuerburgring in June. There we will share the same event as the

Thoroughbred F1 (TGP). I enclose a *.jpg of the programme. Inside is a

picture of my car (Lotus 51, #38), taken at Spa-Francorchamp's

bus-stop-chicane last year. I have hundreds of photos, if you are

interested, let me know.


For the time being, I have a problem receiving mails from addresses of

*.hotmail thru my company's firewall, that is they are all rejected. I may

alter this in future. You can also send me a fax + 49 6251 63914

I hope, I could put you up to date with the German Lotus FF scene. I bet,

you thought, there was none at all.


Best regards


Thilo Figaj


Thanks to Thilo for the update on the German FF scene.  I hadn't realized that they had so much going on!!!  The program .jpg's are below. ED.





Here's the latest info regarding the CFCR weekend at BeaveRun.  We are still thinking about having an LFFR Reunion at this event.  If interested, drop me an email at   ED.

Fellow Racers,

It is my pleasure to introduce a new vintage racing organization – Classic Formula Car Racing (CFCR). CFCR was formed in the Fall of 2002 in response to a perceived desire for a race weekend dedicated to vintage open wheel race cars. For several years, Monoposto Racing has been lobbying current vintage racing organizations to put on an open wheel only weekend – the best response was SVRA’s finale at VIR with Formula Car feature races. While laudable, the event did not go far enough.

Classic Formula Car Racing has arranged a weekend dedicated to the open wheel vintage racer. We are proud to announce our first event to be held at the new BeaveRun Motorsports Complex ( on August 9-10. The CFCR BeaveRun-Offs will be part of the Monoposto Racing championship series (, as such, any race car that currently conforms to Monoposto Racing’s Formula Classic of Formula 70 series are eligible. Entrants need not be Monoposto members to participate. A special race guest group for classic sports racers as well, and Vaughn Rockney’s North America SRCC Sports 2000 group will participate. In addition we are a designated Super Vee reunion event.

CFCR’s Grand Prix weekend will be a two day event, but do not get the idea that track time will be lacking. To the contrary, each group will get more track time in two days than they would normally get in a traditional three day vintage weekend. Our race format will be patterned after the SCCA double regional model with practice, qualifying, and race each day of the weekend. We hope this provides for extra excitement and an opportunity to race even if you have mechanical difficulties on one of the two days. The two day format will also allow for substantial dollar savings over the three day format. Consider one less day of hotel rental, restaurant meals, prep shop charges, travel, and time away from work and home. Our entry fee will be a reasonable $350. Of course if you desire time away from work and home you can always do the test day that will precede the race weekend on Friday, August 8th. The Test day will be administrated by BeaveRun and cost $150. Participants can arrange for the test day by calling the track at 724-535-1000 and indicate they are with CFCR and wish to participate in the open day.

Race Administration will be by the Steel City Region of the SCCA and will include a full array of Timing and Scoring, Grid Workers, and Corner Workers.

Other benefits include unlimited crew, friends, and family, and an all-participant party after the racing Saturday at the track.

We have a base Hotel – The Beaver Falls Holiday Inn – located less than 5 minutes from the track. A special room rate of $86.00/night has been negotiated. Call 800-613-1490 for reservations and say you are with Classic Formula Car Racing to get the special rate.

This is your opportunity to have a race weekend dedicated to you. Please support us by participating. Registration forms can be obtained on our web site We can mail you an entry form on request. If you have any further questions or comments please contact us.


Dennis D’Angelo                                Kyle Kaulback

President CFCR                                 Vice President CFCR


112 Elm Street                                   415 N Wyomissing Ave

Southampton, NY   11968                 Shillington, PA 19607

631-287-1558                                   610-777-1495



From : Kyle Kaulback" <>
To :>

Subject : New race open to all Lotus Formula Cars

Date : Tue, 4 Feb 2003 16:30:37 -0500

Hi all,

Glad to see LFFR get back on it's feet. Hopefully we will see more Lotus in the vintage race fields henceforth.

I was prompted to write in response to Steve Taft's inquiry as to venues to race. I agree that the fees and track time charge by HSR and SVRA have been getting out of control. That is why I started with my partner Dennis D'Angelo Classic Formula Car Racing (CFCR) For now we have only one race scheduled, and if it successful there will be more to come. The date is August 9-10 and it will be at the new track in Western PA BeaveRun . There will be classes for all Monoposto register eligible car (so any Lotus open wheel other than modern F1). The weekend promises to be a lot of fun.

You can get on the mailing list through:

112 Elm Street
Southampton, NY




Also, but not related to CFCR, is this site which I have just discovered and would be of obvious interest to LFFR members.

Happy Lotusing,

Kyle Kaulback


A link to Kevin Whittle's Lotus Single Seaters site is now provided in the links section.  Ed.


Dick Dixon sent along UK race dates for the Historic Sports Car Club, for 2003.  Should you find yourself in the UK or if you could possibly schedule a "necessary" trip, to the UK, around a particular date.  Ed.


From: "Dick & Jane Dixon" <
To: "john mihalich" <
Subject: Race dates HSCC UK.
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 11:19:54 -0000

John, here's a few UK dates that may interest site visitors.
The Historic Sports Car Club nostalgic race meeting calendar for 2003

Races include Historic Road Sports (Lotus 7's Marcos etc), Jag XK Series, Formula Junior (Lotus 22 etc), Historic Saloons (Ford Lotus Cortinas), Historic Formula Ford (Lotus 51/61/69), Derek Bell Trophy (for 60/70's F2/3 cars) and Classic F3.

A good display on the track and in the paddock, join them at:-

April 13 Donington

April 27 Cadwell Pk

Silverstone May 17/18

Mallory Pk May 25

Snetterton June 21/22

Brands Hatch July 5/6

Castle Combe Aug 2

Oulton Park (Gold Cup) Aug 24/25

Spa Sep 13/14

Silverstone Oct 11

Brands Hatch Oct18/19

Regards, Dick Dixon





From: José A. Mota Freitas <>

To: <>

Subject: FF Lotus in Portugal

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 22:20:50 -0000


Congratullations for your register wb site.


I`m a Lotus FF fan.


In Portugal were imported in 1970 6-8 Lotus 61 M. I know were are now two

of them. There has been also a Lotus 69 (Novamotor engine) imported in



I send you a photo of two of them. One is driven by FF Portuguese champion

Ernesto Neves. the other (black and withe - Hillclimb) was owned by my

fathers friend António Barros.


Best regards


José Freitas


Thanks to José for the information and photos, from Portugal.  ED.


António Barros



Ernesto Neves 



From: Steve Taft []

Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 11:04 PM

To: Mihalich, John

Subject: Re: Lotus FF



....have you ever pursued making the 61 legal for SCCA events? The folks in the

southeast do offer competition in a vintage class for some cars. I'm a bit

concerned regarding the constantly escalating HSR entry fees and might look

for a supplemental venue.




Anyone out there make these mods to run SCCA and Vintage?  ED.


To : lffr  Subject : Lotus 69

Date :  Sat, 05 Jan 2002 19:26:35 -0500

Hello All!
Can you tell me who now owns my old car?
It's and ex- Lotus East car..that Bob Burgess held the lap record at Bridgehampton with until
it fell to a swift in 1984/85
My name ( David McHugh) would still be in log book 2. ( the car was delivered to me in 1982/83 with two log books).
Just curious..
/ david

Anyone recognize the car from the description? ED.

From : Judy Barnett <>
Reply-To :
To : lffr
Subject : Long lost Lotus
Date :   Fri, 22 Dec 2000 17:59:55 -0500

Season's Greetings from Ontario Canada.
In 1987, I foolishly sold my 51-61(body work) to John DeMaria of Toronto. I got the car in 1979 from Jim Craighead. He raced the car at Lime Rock, USA, Shannonville, Ont, and Mosport, Ont.

I redid the car and thoroughly enjoyed club racing (BARC member)in Ontario Region, CASC 79-85. In the 80's the car sported black f'glass/aluminum belly, "Cronin Fire Equipment" livery, numbers 20 & 27

Jim said the placard was missing (probably on someone's toolbox?!) and I was not aware of any other number stampings on the chassis. Unfortunately I don't remember the CASC registration #. Rumour has it, it was 1 of the 1st 3 51s to come to Canada circa 1967.

I'd love to make contact with the current owner!

Yours in the sport,
Larry Barnett
31 Passmore Ave.
Orangeville, Ontario
Canada L9W 4K8

Can anyone help out?  ED.

Larry sent along this photo of his car in a later e-mail.  ED.


From : "George B. Pendlebury" <>
To : <lffr>
Subject :Lotus 51
Date : Fri, 27 Oct 2000 18:02:50 -0700

Hi Bill,

It has been several years since we have corresponded or talked on the

Sandra and I, only recently, graduated form the ranks of technopeasantry and
got "hooked up" to the 'net.

With the world literally at my fingertips, it was thought a good idea to
enter "Lotus Formula Ford" and hit enter. A second later, there you were!
It was great to find the website and fun scrolling through it.

One of the e-mails the LFFR received was from a fellow in California who had
bought an ex Russell School car. This got me thinking -

I am wondering if, in the last eight or so years, any additional information
or photos have surfaced about the Canadian Russell School cars?

Still have my car; just wish there was the time and space to work on it.
The closest I've come is to do a painting of it.

Hope this finds you well, and successful on the track.

Cheers, George.

From :  "Keith Edwards" <>
Reply-To :   "Keith Edwards" <>
To :   <>
Subject :   Lotus 61M Formula Ford.
Date :   Wed, 21 Mar 2001 02:54:45 +1100

I am purchasing chassis no.F3/204 in Sydney Australia. This car was brought to Australia in 1982 and I have it's history from that time.
I want to research it's history fro 1971 to 1982 and obtain as much info as is possible to help me restore it authentically.
The car's previous owner is Jeremy Braithwaite who has campaigned the car successfully since 1993.
I have been told that this car was raced in the inaugral formula ford championship race in Holland by the Wim Beers Team and driven by Huub Vermuelen. I would like to confirm this and get more info.
My email address is or Fax 61 2 94874206.
I would appreciate any help.Regards Keith Edwards.

From :
To : lffr
Subject : The Classic Formula Ford in Europe
Date : Thu, 24 Jan 2002 17:16:20 EST

Gentlemen: Start your engine!!!

With drivers of 12 european countries the C.F.F.C. starts its 3rd year and offers an optimised playfield to race for the classic Formula Ford (year of manufacture from the 70ies to the 80ies). Our target: To combine traditional but fair motorsport on international GP circuits.

These small Monoposti - with the power of 3,5 - 3,8 kg/PS - can be compared with or are even more powerful than a modern touring car or GT.

During the past 30 years lots of Formula 1 Champions have made their first experiences with Formula Ford such as Emerson Fittipaldi, James Hunt, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, just to name some of those. Worldwide more than 30.000 drivers were racing with chassis of about 190 manufacturers during the past decenniums.

To race with C.F.F.C. means: Fun to race, easy to handle and solid technics as well as strict regulations i.e. a fair competition!

The C.F.F.C. offers races for FF 1600 and FF 2000 (for further information please contact us).

We wish all spectators and drivers an exciting and pleasant race.

In case of any further question please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

please visit our website:

With best regards,

for the CFFC

Romain Reding

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